How to mount a finderscope shoe on a Dual-Speed 2″ Crayford Focuser

I have a Sky-Watcher Evostar 80ED DS-Pro. The stock focuser is not that good, and I was recommended to swap it out for a Dual-Speed 2″ Crayford Focuser. On the 80ED the finderscope mounting shoe is casted into the focuser housing. Here is how to mount an aftermarket finderscope mounting shoe to the Crayford focuser.

This job is really easy and it takes just a few minutes.

The finderscope mouting shoe does not come with the Crayford focuser, nor the telescope. In my case I have a Orion Mini 50 mm guideteleskop that came complete with a standard shoe to mount it on.

If you plan to use the stock finderscope that came with the telescope, and you do not have a finderscope mouting shoe, you can get one here (£7).

– Small allen wrench
– Small philips screwdriver

On the Crayford focuser there are two allen screws located a little offset to the left from the top.

Remove both these screws and keep them somewhere safe for future changes to the focuser.

The Crayford focuser came with two small phillips screws for the finderscope mounting shoe.

Here is the mounting shoe that came with my Orion finderscope.

Fasten the shoe with the two phillips screws and tighten. Remember to put the shoe in the correct direction. The notch faces the rear of the scope.

And you are all done 🙂

PS: Christmas is long gone – I have yet to remove the christmas table cloth and the boxes with decoration 😉